Program Specific Outcomes-PSO

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering will be able to
  • PSO1 : Apply Engineering knowledge to develop machines, equipment, process and systems for benefit of society and self.
  • PSO 2 : Develop job ready, billable, employable professionals familiar with best practices of industries.
  • PSO3 : Apply their acquired knowledge in domain of applied mechanics, thermal and fluid sciences to solve engineering problems utilizing latest tools.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO I : To develop fundamental knowledge in engineering in order to enable them to formulate analyze and solve the application problems.
  • PEO II : To provide hands on training on various cutting edge technologies in order to inculcate an innovative approach towards Design, Manufacture and Maintain new products/systems.
  • PEO III : To provide opportunities to the students to participate/organize workshops/seminars on recent trends/research in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • PEO IV : To provide opportunity to students to involve themselves in various social activities.