Information Technology Department

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List of Ph.D Scholars of Ongoing Research Work

Candidate Name & Reg.No.
Tentative Title of the Thesis
Name of the University
Month & year Registration
1 Ms.N.Bhavani (1836070073) Dr.G. Vinodhini & Co-guide: Dr.R.Sumathi Outlier Analysis in IoT Applications Annamalai University, Chidambaram Dec 2018
2 Ms.J.Sangeetha Priya (405917052) Dr.Michael Arock IoT Security NIT, Trichy Dec 2017
3 Mr.V.Senthil Balaji (1736070025) Dr. R. Priya & Co-guide: Dr.R.Sumathi Joint Image Encryption and Compression Annamalai University, Chidambaram Mar 2018
4 Mr.P.Anand (19144597195) Dr. S.Ravimaran Deep Learning based Recommendation Systems in Social Networks Anna University, Chennai June 2019
5 Mr.R.Rengaraj alias Muralidharan (1515459877) Dr. K.Latha Fault Tolerance of Node Failure on Cloud Anna University, Chennai June 2015
6 Ms.M.Padma Priya (1836070072) Dr. S. Pasupathy & Co-guide: Dr.R.Sumathi Advanced Softcomputing applied in ERP applications Annamalai University, Chidambaram Dec 2018